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ghyslain bertholon


He first studied communication, especially through image, and then entered the Fine Arts School in Saint-Etienne  where he would pass, four years later, his certification (the DNSEP).

After school, he joined the “Atelier de Conception”, a group of about fifteen artists, gathering architects and designers, to work in public areas on the so called “actions for proximity”.

Untill 2004, he had succeeded in enlisting an increasing number of artistic collaborations and, in the meantime, he had joined, or even created, many gatherings of different artists. Moreover, he then achieved pieces of work ordered by state or local authorities, that can be now seen in public spaces.

ghyslain bertholon has been writing his own “poezies”, as he would say, since 2005, when he first defined the artistic programm of his “Diachromes Synchrome et Poézies” Besides, in 2005, he created the “Laboratoire d’Arts Impliqués”, an association conveying to public awareness of contemporary art.

He also worked for the Higher School of Art and Design of Saint-Etienne, in collaboration with the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) on the programm called ”Re:search project”.

Since then, his expanding exhibitions have led him to take up residence throughout France or in other countries (in Berlin, Tallinn, Brussels, Lausanne, Geneva, Riga, Singapor, New-York, Nanjing in China...).

From 2005, ghyslain bertholon’s work has been structured around two distinct but complementary poles: on the one hand, he provides to analyze image and information flows (research programm leading to “Diachromes and Synchromes”), and, on the other, he points out, under the name of “Poezies” his thoughts and sensitive approach to what builds our social and cultural environment up.

One sector of his work is an attack on the dominant relation which we, the human race, maintain with nature in general and with animals in particular.


ghyslain bertholon is represented since 2009 by the School gallery - Olivier Castaing in Paris, France.

ghyslain bertholon, bearing the mood of his generation, aims at investigating all the means of expression in today’s world.

He analyses and argues the issues aroused by the consumer society we live in.

His “Poézies"are mirrors the artist is holding to let us re-discover the lost illusions and reasons for hope we may have.

Both  adults obsessions and youthful dreams.


Taken from the catalogue of the exhibition So ist das Leben, Diachromes & Poézies

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